Message from the President

A brilliant life !

I would like you young people to live brilliant lives as the next generation !

Take wings to the future !

Where are we right at this moment ? And where will we be led in the future ?
Along with advances in human culture, the global environment is changing and the population is aging.
Meanwhile, science and technology and complex, high-level globalization are advancing with the progress in ICT ( Information and Communication(s) Technology ). This is likely to result in a reality in which speed and change exceed by far our expectations.
We have not yet experienced such speed.
The singularity will be upon us. Therefore, it is difficult to see where we are now or where our next generation will be.
However, we cannot see further than next point in our journey from our current position. We need to get to grip with
the world around us ! And then we need to ascertain exactly where we are now. That is where you start ! Where you are standing right now is where you are at your best. Imagine how you will look when you step into the world of the future ! Is it the specialized field that you chose ?

Knowledge and courage can enrich your life !

Our future will be a world of huge, elaborate networks and AI. The only thing that will be effective and accepted in this world will be real, basic knowledge and the means to apply it. The know-how we have accumulated up to this point will not work. This is because the majority of current professions will disappear and new ones will be created ; it will be a society in which we will no longer be able to use the skills we have learned hitherto. The next generation is going to encounter unprecedented issues. You are going to need both the ability to understand the situation and the ability to respond to it. In order to do this, you need know the wisdom of humankind up until now. And then you must decide for yourselves what and how to learn from it ! We should believe in this wisdom and act with courage. Courage comes from believing in yourself. It is precisely wisdom and acts of courage that will live on into the society of the future ! And people who are watching this will no doubt expand the circle of cooperation.

Live, learn and communicate !

Living and the passage of time are human life ; the significance of living. And all people should live in symbiosis with the global
environment. And all people on Earth should co-exist and live. Tell people about the experiences that you have had along the way !
If you do this, then they will in turn communicate them to the next world. This will create and continue a further world of singularity
for the next generation. Human relationships enrich people’s lives and make the bond between people and the Earth unshakeable.
This is the path that we humans walk. You must carve these three years that you will spend in Sekine into the history
of the school ! And you must learn the value of a brilliant life !

Takashi Watanabe
President, Sekine Gakuen High School

Message from the Principal

As a high school with strong local connections, we educate students to be people that local residents can rely on,
and to be people who are polite and full of life.

Thank you for accessing the Sekine Gakuen High School homepage.
My name is Shigeyuki Suzuki and in April this year I was officially appointed to be the principal of the Sekine
Gakuen High School, a high school with traditions dating back over 100 years. This school has walked its paths for
a century founded on the principle of “ leading rich lives “. I will now introduce the strengths of Sekine Gakuen
High School and areas in which we wish to focus our efforts this year. I look forward to your continued support.

Ⅰ.Enhanced extracurricular activities
Our baseball, athletics, karatedo, gymnastics, volleyball, skiing clubs and others all achieved excellent
results at their respective tournaments, and have won the right to appear at the national and Hokushinetsu
tournaments. Our clubs work hard every day based on a slogan “ honest work to achieve our goal “. As club
students cannot practice enough due to our small gymnasium, to commemorate our 110th anniversary next
year we have started construction of a new gymnasium to complement our existing one. This will allow us to
further enhance our extracurricular activities in time for our 110th anniversary, hopeful and glorious step
toward tomorrow. To vitalize our culture clubs, we intend to provide more opportunities to announce their

Ⅱ.Reforming lessons and increasing the number of students advancing to further education
Corresponding with Common Test for University Admissions and The new National Curriculum Standard ,
Professor Nishikawa of Joetsu University of Education will be driving our lessons reform plan by
introducing lessons featuring active learning. As a NIE ( Newspaper in Education ) specially commissioned
school, we also aim to make full use of “ newspaper s “ at lessons in each subject. Through morning
newspaper-reading time and diligent instruction, we strive to instill basic academic skills in our students to
equip them on their respective roads. By making the best of college advancement courses, held after-school
and on Saturdays and the Wednesday Sekine courses, we hope to enable students to take and pass entrance
examinations to national, prefectural and other public universities and colleges and, consequently, increase
the number of students advancing to further education.

Ⅲ.Communities ties and volunteer activities
To deepen ties with high, middle and elementary schools in the Joetsu region, we diligently share
information on various events, experimental lessons and parents’ visiting days, and active pass on
information through teachers observing each other’s classes. Additionally, both students and staff actively
participate in community events. In corporation with residents’ associations, we actively conduct volunteer
activities such as cleaning the area around the school. Making use of the Sekine Gakuen’s facilities and the
man-power resources of students and teaching staff, we provide students with many opportunities for
voluntary activities and to help regional residents.

Ⅳ.International exchange
To educate people who will shine on the world stage, we focus on the promotion of global education. We
promote exchange with international students and we are now considering introducing overseas study for
students. Our future aim is to be proactive in creating sister schools overseas, and to foster global human
resources that will shine anywhere in the world.

Shigeyuki Suzuki
Principal, Sekine Gakuen High School