Come and shine at Sekine Gakuen
Thank you for accessing the Sekine Gakuen High School homepage. The Sekine Gakuen High School places importance on each and every student “leading rich lives “.
To achieve this, all of our teaching staff supports each and every student in taking on challenges only possible during their high school years, and in boldly fulfilling their potential for the future.

Sekine Gakuen has several strengths :

1.Deeper learning at Sekine Gakuen

In addition to standard lessons, there are various opportunities for students to learn. Students aiming to advance to higher educational institutions such as universities can improve proficiency at college advancement courses held after-school and on Saturdays. Students wishing to enrich their education by attempting to obtain qualifications for the future can take the ‘ Wednesday Sekine Extension Course ‘.

2.Sekine-style one-to-one career guidance

We aim to provide high-quality career education from the first grade, raising students’ awareness of their future paths. Courses are available for students advancing to higher education, and our special curriculum allows them to improve their academic ability. To students aiming to enter the job market, we provide guidance on a wide range of areas such as reinforcing basic academic skills, special lessons on writing essays for employment examinations, and job interview skills. Owing to such meticulous career guidance,we have achieved excellent career guidance results. Many of those students advancing to higher education have won places at national, prefectural and prestigious private universities, and all of those seeking employment promptly receive tentative job offers.

3.Vibrant extracurricular activities and community contribution

Many of our students have shined at extracurricular and particularly sports club activities. Indeed, last year six of our sports club won the prefectural champions ( women’s volleyball club, men’s and women’s gymnastics clubs, skiing club, swimming club and karatedo club ) . In addition, our baseball club achieved its second consecutive participation at the Hokushinetsu tournament and is aiming for its first appearance at Koshien, while the athletics club was runner-up in the prefectural Ekiden ( long-distance relay race ) tournament and is aiming to race up Miyako-oji Avenue of Kyoto for the second time. Furthermore, many of our students actively take part in local cleaning activities and events. Through such vibrant extracurricular activities and community contributions, we foster promising students strong in body and mind with a rich sense of humanity.

Moreover, we have improved our school bus service as well as the sum of the scholarships, enabling all students to learn in an even better educational environment.A student dormitory and canteen have also just been opened. We hope that many students will take up the challenge of shining at Sekine Gakuen High School, located in nature-rich countryside at the foot of Mt. Kanaya.

Toshiaki Otsuka
Principal, Sekine Gakuen High School